BMFcast230 – Backflipping Out


Go go go see Ivan Ooze.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) is our very unofficial tribute to the idea of KaiJune that ends in a CGI nightmare of sadness. But the bad guy is the best thing about this one.


Second half we talk about some random movies including Life of Pi, Horrible Bosses, Black Swan and continue Double Dance Review with Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. Enjoy!



  1. Mathew says:

    I know you guys put the thumbs down on this movie for the bad CG effects, but I can forgive them for the time the movie was made. I can see they wanted to make the movie more than just a 90 minute episode of the show, so they embraced the new special effects technology. They would have no idea that in a couple years the effects would look so dated. We only know that now with hindsight.

    Also, this series is a closer outgrowth of Ultraman than you may imagine. The various Sentai serties from Japan, stories about colorfully costumed teenagers fighting evil aliens in half hour stories, evolved directly from later Ultraman TF series. In Japan they always have one of those shows on the air, but they change the cast and setting each year. That’s why the American shows have to change the theme every once in a while, to keep up with the stock footage they are sent of the new Japanese shows.

    Oh, there was a Green Ranger. Tommy the White Ranger started out as an evil Green Ranger made by the bad guys to oppose the Power Rangers, but he turned to the side of good, eventually lost his powers, but they repowered him as the White Ranger.

    Did any of you guys watch Dynaman on the USA Network in the 90’s? It was also based on these same shows, but they just dubbed the voices of the Japanese actors with funny lines and added rock and roll music. You should watch it. It’s on Youtube.

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