BMFcast291 – Trinitrotoluene Award



Spaced Invaders (1990) found its way onto Bluray this week so we decided we should check it out. It’s full of watermelon aliens and wacky townsfolk but a surprising amount of jokes actually work.

Second half we talk about The Duff, Dumb and Dumber To, The Lego Movie and more including a lengthy discussion of the career of M. Night Shyamalan without having actually seen The Visit. Enjoy!




  1. Joel Kazoo says:

    I actually quite like this movie for the exact same reasons you do, and hate parts of it for the exact same reasons you do. Two Jox is the perfect score. I’m casual FB friends with the director (Patrick Read Johnson), who’s always quick to answer any fan mail. The Old Man, Royal Dano, was also in Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and PRJ told me he was an absolute delight to work with.

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