BMFcast134 – Sorcery


Stunt Rock (1980) is a movie that delivers exactly what the title promises. Real life Australian stuntman Grant Page shares the screen with Sorcery, the greatest rock and roll stage act of all time, to combine their powers into pure awesome.


Second half we talk On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) as the Bond marathon continues, with the bonus of Chuck discussing 1967’s (awful) Casino Royale. After that we talk about, 21 Jump Street (2012), Project X (2012), Act of Valor (2012), The A-Team (2010), The Mechanic (2011), Knight & Day (2010), Jonah Hex (2010) and still have time to take some voicemail/email topics including discussion of Wes Craven movies, Chuck’s crap viewing habits and take some truly awesome movie suggestions. Enjoy!


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  1. Trevor says:

    will you guys do a movie called black ninja its available to watch in its entirety on youtube…..i think this film was made for you guys to watch….its just so, painful to watch….
    heres the link for it

    please do this one you guys i think youll find it to be hilarious

  2. Blair Russell says:

    Awww, that YouTube video already got deleted, and by the person who uploaded it.

    Tonight I finally listened to this episode; I haven’t seen Stunt Rock but apparently that was a fail by me not catching it the few times it’s been on TCM Underground late Friday night. I can vouch for Not Quite Hollywood being awesome. I will be happy when I can finally track down Man From Hong Kong, featuring George Lazenby.

    Speaking of him, I say that his one Bond movie has a rough first half and a pretty great second half.

    I did dig that long discussion concerning the deterioration of theatrical movies as I agree with it; big movie studios being run by corporations are a big factor as many decisions are made by bean-counter types who really know Jack Crap about the film industry. That has to be a big reason for the decline.

    The movies you mentioned, I saw Act of Valor on the big screen and I heard it described as a Golan-Globus movie for 2012 and it’s not the best description but it still makes me laugh. The acting is pretty atrocious but it’s still an entertaining bit of schlock. Even before I saw the film I described it as “AMERICA FUCK YEAH THE MOVIE” and it’s not too far from the truth.

    I actually saw One Tough Bastard on YouTube, but shhh on how I saw it. It was *so* ludicrous and implausible I was turned off by it but I think I need to give it another shot. I mean, FBI agent Bruce Payne wears a nose ring and has magnificent long flowing locks. It’s that type of film. There’s someone who looks like Mick Foley, M.C. Hammer acts like Nino Brown… but I won’t spoil anything, except to mention one thing. There’s a subplot involving a little kid. I thought he was tolerable but I know how you guys think of that sort of thing. There are still many moments I imagine you guys will get hearty laughs out of.

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