BMFcast132 – Tax Shelter Epic


In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007) is a movie with a title almost as long as the movie itself. We totally break our mold of sub-90 minute movies by doing the director’s cut of this one that clocks in at a (not at all) brisk 156 minutes. Will Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Matthew Lillard and Jason Statham make it worth it?


Second half we go crazy catching up on emails and the like. Plus more Bond Marathon with Thunderball and talk of a few other oddball movie choices. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I’ve only listened to the first part of the episode but I do profusely apologize for recommending (in a reply in the past) the director’s cut of this film. I don’t know if my recommendation had anything to do with the watching of the movie but I do feel bad you guys didn’t enjoy it. I will still admit I was one of the few that saw it on the big screen back in ’07 and once I got a Blu-Ray player I was able to check out the director’s cut and clearly I enjoyed it more than you guys did. I was able to laugh at all the goofy stuff, laugh heartily at how Matthew Lillard tried to be Captain Jack Sparrow times 5, and I did not mind how long it was. Besides, the director’s cut actually has some things that for some reason weren’t in the theatrical, such as the fate of an important character or two.

    So, I guess not everything I recommend is solid gold; it happens, but again I do feel bad this was a painful experience for you guys.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    Don’t worry about it! I bet a 90 minute version of this movie would make a lot less sense but we’d probably have enjoyed it quite a bit more.

  3. MusiM says:

    Suzy and I tried to watch this a couple years ago and only made it about a half hour in. We had a good laugh when Burt Reynolds showed up because it seemed like he was chewing gum but man we got bored.

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