BMFcast129 – Sloth’s Wrath


One Man Force (1989) continues Force Month.  You will envy John Matuszak as he takes pride in his lust for vengeance. After his partner is killed he must hunt down the greedy villains. We have more than enough to satisfy our hunger for killing.


Second half we take a few voicemails and emails and then talk Dr. No as Maki begins his 23 Weeks of Bond quest. Plus a quick review of Due Date. Then we really bring the heat as we begin our in depth (mostly. mostly.) spoiler-free review of Prometheus. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    Don’t ask how but I already managed to find a copy of this movie and tonight I watched it. I hadn’t even heard of this movie until I saw that the episode was posted late Friday night. The movie sounded so amazing after the review that I had to try and find it and thankfully I did. Personally, I thought the movie was SO much of a late 80’s action movie and had so many hilarious moments I give it 5 Jox personally. Some of the outfits that John wore were ridiculously great. Obviously Adidas paid some cash to be in this film.

    The one scene in that peculiar bar alone left me gobsmacked like 10 times and it has to be the most astounding 5 minutes I’ve ever seen on celluloid. I wish this movie was offered by Netflix, let alone Netflix Instant as this deserves to be much better known and I have to give you guys many thanks for finding something so obscure and then reviewing it.

    By the way, I got a huge laugh out of that Asian stockbroker being Takashi from Revenge of the Nerds.

    As for Prometheus I saw it this past Tuesday. I was going to wait but some people on Twitter made statements that sounded like spoilers so I figured I should see it immediately. By the way I am glad that I didn’t really see anything get spoiled before the movie even made it to the U.S., given it came out a week beforehand in places like the U.K.

    What I heard you guys say, I know quite a few people on various site made quite similar comments. Me, I thought that it certainly looked and sounded great and it was quite the ballsy story for a big release summer film. But while I thought the general story had real good ideas it was executed quite poorly. Things just ended up getting stupid and even though I was one of the few who weren’t blown away by the teaser trailers and thus my expectations were low I was still disappointed as it could and should have been better and not so dumb and not having things such as characters do a 180 and completely change their opinion with no explanation whatsoever. You expect more with the talent involved, fair or not.

  2. MusiM says:

    I don’t know if you guys saw Prometheus in 3D but I thought the 3D in it was actually really good. But other than I pretty much agree with almost everything everyone said except for Chuck’s thing on the movie not looking good. I definitely got a bit of a dick in me too since I let the xenomorph thing slip on The Carousel and have absolutely no remorse about it.

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