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Cherry 2000 (1987) is the tale of a man and his sex robot. When Sam Treadwell’s (David Andrews) robo-wife short-circuits, he starts on a journey into the wastelands to find a new one. Helping him is an unlikely tracker (Melanie Griffith), but they have to avoid the angry Murder Dad cult led by Lester (Tim Thomerson). Yes, this movie is as odd as it sounds.

After the break Harlo gets Linklater’d as he compares Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) and Boyhood (2014), while Maki continues his magical journey with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002). Enjoy!


Dollman (1991) brings back the triple threat of Tim Thomerson, Charles Band, and Albert Pyun in the story of a hard-boiled alien cop who happens to be the size of a doll when he crash lands on earth. Can he stop a ruthless group of gangbangers led by Jackie Earle Haley and the disembodied doll-sized head of the criminal he was chasing?

In the second half it’s time for our annual GOLDEN JOX AWARDS! We tell you our favorite movies of the year for 2016 in what becomes a super-sized second half. Enjoy!