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Not sure we had enough class to watch this one.

Detention (2011) is a bit of a surprise for us. We went in only because it’s from the same director of Torque and what we ended up getting may shock you (because it did us).


Second half we discuss Sharknado 2: The Second One and Amazing Spider-man 2: the one that came after all the other Spider-man movies. Plus listener correspondence and more. Enjoy!



BMFcast230 – Backflipping Out

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Go go go see Ivan Ooze.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) is our very unofficial tribute to the idea of KaiJune that ends in a CGI nightmare of sadness. But the bad guy is the best thing about this one.


Second half we talk about some random movies including Life of Pi, Horrible Bosses, Black Swan and continue Double Dance Review with Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. Enjoy!

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BMFcast190 – Monk-E

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Super Buddies (2013) is the wrap up movie to Dogust and our first Disney movie ever. Since the inception of the Air Bud franchise, it’s all led to this. Five puppies gain super powers (besides being able to talk) and fight an evil alien. Its G-rating could have been grating but it’s better than you’d think.

Second half we talk The World’s End, a pair of Korean movies (The Man From Nowhere and I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay) and get Dieselized with Pitch Black. Plus emails and even a brand new contest for you to enter, dear listener. Enjoy!

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BMFcast86 – In Space

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This poster in no way sums up this movie.

Vicious Lips (1986) was sold to us as a movie about an all female rock group… in space. Think that’s all you need to hear? Well don’t because we’re going to talk about it.

Second half it’s a cavalcade of movie talk including Transformers: Dark of the Moon and a bunch of other with far less Bayhem. We also take some voicemails from the Garfield Phone. Enjoy!

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BMFcast79 – Spacula

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At least they finished the cover.

Dracula 3000 (2004) a movie 996 years ahead of its time. This episode we are minus a BJ and plus a Zark and Tobias to fill the shoes. The Coolio principle is still in full effect here.

Second half it’s voicemail mania and we talk Thor.

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BMFcast67 – 104 Words for Kill

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What are words for?

Soldier (1998) stars Kurt Russell, the wordsmith of cinema. The body count in this movie may be higher than the word count spoken by our star.

Then we delve deeper into our continuing discussion of 2010 Golden Jox winner as Maki sees True Grit and BJ sees Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Will it change our choices? Also Harlo begins his quest of the New Year to see both revisions of the AFI Top 100 Movies of All Time.

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