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The best nazi elf Santa saves Christmas movie ever.

Elves (1989) is where we begin to stretch the meaning of Malltober because there simply aren’t enough mall horror movies. This time it’s a large department store and there’s a Nazi plot to breed elves with humans to make the perfect assassins and only Dan Haggerty can stop it. Right.


Second half we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Galaxy Quest, Dead & Buried, The Thing and The Thing. Plus more including listener correspondence. Enjoy!





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BMFcast239 – Walker and Pooch

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Climb aboard the Chuck wagon

Top Dog (1995) is our fourth movie for Dogust. Chuck Norris made this “kids movie” and killed his theatrical career along with way too many people in an actual kids movie. Plus racism.


Second half we briefly talk Into the Storm and delve into a catchup of listener emails. Enjoy!


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BMFcast87 – Hitler on Ice

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Handpainted posters > Every other poster

Order of the Black Eagle (1987) is reviewed this episode. It’s the second (of two) Duncan Jax movies and while Unmasking the Idol (1986) is fun, this one just ups EVERYTHING up to a number beyond 11. We talk for about an hour, if that tells you anything, and we didn’t even mention Hitler’s face exploding!

Second half we take some voicemails and talk the finer points of Chuck Norris, Smarmy Chuckface and indie zombie movies. Plus some Japanese gore movies with RoboGeisha and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl. Then we kick it into overdrive and talk Tree of Life. All of this is true except one part. Enjoy!



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BMFcast – Super Soldier Special

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Pyun Pyun Pyun.

Captain America (1990) by Albert Pyun kicks off this very special (non numbered) edition of the BMFcast, as we review back to back Captain Americas. Matt Salinger stars as Cap, and along for the ride are (for some unknown reason) Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and Darrin McGavin.

In the second half, it’s SpoilCast time as we talk Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) in the version that has a budget of more than $10. Seriously, I think in the 1990 one they ended up buffaloing and eating the wings off Cap’s mask by the end of it. As always, spoilers ahoy! Also, the part of Maki in the second half will be played by the oft mentioned but never before heard (on the BMFcast at least) Greencapt.

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BMFcast72 – Mandiballs

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Taking back the word “zone” with explosive force.

Zone Troopers (1985) is reviewed and we are joined once again by Shiny Lights TStrel. This one is brought to us by Charles Band and directed by the writer of Arena. While not quite the unanimous winner that was, we still manage to have plenty of fun with this one.

Then second half it’s all Oscar talk. We give our picks, wishes and regrets on the entire showdown.

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