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Roller Boogie (1979) begins Skatember! Ultra-rich girl Linda Blair learns to rollerskate (and boogie) from Bobby and his skate buddies down at the Venice boardwalk. Will her ultra-conservative parents accept her ditching the life of a Juliard flautist to join a short-lived fad? Will hijinks ensue? Also, how awesome does this movie make roller-skating seem? After the break Harlo covers the works of Jeremy Saulnier with Blue Ruin and Green Room before taking some listener e-mails. Enjoy!


BMFcast202 – The Pringles Effect

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Class of 1999 (1990) is the movie this week. We missed doing it, as promised, for Episode 199 so we decided it was time. Robot teachers are put into a warzone high school and the consequences are less than ideal. Also Stacy Keach is amazing to behold.

Second half we discuss Thor: The Dark World, The World’s End and take correspondence from the people of the world. Enjoy!

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BMFcast82 – Rowdy Roddy McDowall

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Stay classy, 1984.

Class of 1984 (1982) continues our ’80s marathon. It came down to this or Q: The Winged Serpent. Did we choose right? Find out.

Then in the second half we take a bevy of various types of mail. Answer a quick topic and finish up by talking X-Men: First Class. Enjoy!

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