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BMFcast326 – Side Bar

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Cyclone (1987) wraps up Fred Olen May! We visit an early entry into Fred Olen Ray’s filmography, starring Heather Thomas, Jeffrey Combs and Martin Landau. It’s got a killer motorcycle. Will it take until the end of the movie for it to actually do cool stuff? (Spoiler: YES.)

Second half we get thoughts on The Nice Guys, Captain America: Civil War, Vacation, and 52 Pick-Up before delving into the final week of JapaniMAY with Crazy Violent ’80s Action Week featuring Demon City Shinjuku and the big one, Akira. Enjoy!

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BMFcast271 – Fearleader

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Alienator (1990) begins Fred Olen May! An evil prisoner guy lands on earth and an Alien Terminator lady-thing tracks him down. An Alienator, if you will. Oh yeah, and Jan Michael Vincent might be drunk.

Second half Harlo talks about Jupiter Ascending and The Internship, Maki revisits Marvel Phase Two, Chuck tries to figure out if we’ve ever done an episode on Johnny Dangerously (spoiler: no) and we take some fun voicemails and e-mails. Enjoy!

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Stop making that face, it’ll stay like that.

Bulletproof (1988) stars the BMFcast’s own Gary Busey. We’ve claimed him. You can’t have him, butthorn! Oh ok, you can have him. He’s barely housebroken.


Second half we take a couple of listener voicemails, go off on rants about movie monsters (real vs CG) and give a quick review of Cowboys and Aliens. Enjoy!


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