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Terminal Rush (1996) seemed like a great way to celebrate our 8th(!) anniversary, as well as continue the March To Wrestlemania. Rowdy Roddy Piper leading a gang of terrorists, with only Don “The Dragon” Wilson to stop him in a “Die Hard on a dam” movie? What could go wrong? Sadly, a lot.

After the break Harlo weighs in on Logan (2017), Maki continues the comic booking with Doctor Strange (2016), and we discuss Disney’s new golden age of animation with Moana (2016). All this and plenty of e-mails and reminiscing. Enjoy!

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BMFcast360 – Rage – Glass Dismissed

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Rage (1995) isn’t Gary Daniels’ first BMFcast movie, but it’s definitely his first as the lead. (Spoiler: Also the best. So far.) He’s an unassuming second grade teacher who gets caught up in a government experiment gone wrong and must now battle his way to freedom, while murdering and/or defenestrating lots and lots and LOTS of bad guys.

In the second half Harlo reviews Passengers (2016) and the Mexican movie theater experience, Chuck and Maki discuss why Hail, Caesar! (2016) is one of the Coens’ lesser works, Maki sees a musical (The Book of Mormon) and we even have time for a listener e-mail. Enjoy!


BMFcast293 – On Top of Old Top Cop

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Top Cop (1990) is how we begin Coptober. Malone is a murder machine of a policeman who looks like the sad amalgamation of Dan Haggerty and Ted Dibiase.

Second half it’s all listener correspondence. Enjoy!

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BMFcast271 – Fearleader

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Alienator (1990) begins Fred Olen May! An evil prisoner guy lands on earth and an Alien Terminator lady-thing tracks him down. An Alienator, if you will. Oh yeah, and Jan Michael Vincent might be drunk.

Second half Harlo talks about Jupiter Ascending and The Internship, Maki revisits Marvel Phase Two, Chuck tries to figure out if we’ve ever done an episode on Johnny Dangerously (spoiler: no) and we take some fun voicemails and e-mails. Enjoy!

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