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Space Buddies (2009) is what we watch when Harlo skips an episode. Our intrepid crew of golden retrievers somehow ends up in space and makes friends with Spudnick, a russian dogsmonaut and Gravity, a ferret who’s an expert in atmospheric re-entry trajectories. Or something.

After the break Maki rewatches John Wick (2014) and we take a metric ton of listener e-mails! Sequels to Titanic (1997) are hatched, Saved! (2004) gets a shout out and plenty more. Enjoy!

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BMFcast336 – Notger Hauer

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Watchers 3 (1994) takes us back to the Watchers franchise and woof, what a dog of a movie this is. Did we mention that it’s our #Dogust movie? Well, it is! So that’s something.

In the second half, Harlo continues his journey through Crystal Lake with Friday the 13th parts 7 and 8, and then we talk about how lights work. It’s entertaining and informative. Enjoy!

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