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Demonic Toys (1992) comes to us from Charles Band, Peter Manoogian (director of Arena and Eliminators), and David S. Goyer(!) When a demon brings toys to life to wreak havoc in an old warehouse only a pregnant cop, a chicken delivery boy and a runaway girl can stop them.

After the break Harlo checks out CHiPs (2017) and Chuck gets all music documentary-ish with The Defiant Ones (2017) and All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2015). This leads to talk of minimum wage jobs and other tomfoolery before we answer a bunch of your e-mails and voicemails. Enjoy!

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Dollman (1991) brings back the triple threat of Tim Thomerson, Charles Band, and Albert Pyun in the story of a hard-boiled alien cop who happens to be the size of a doll when he crash lands on earth. Can he stop a ruthless group of gangbangers led by Jackie Earle Haley and the disembodied doll-sized head of the criminal he was chasing?

In the second half it’s time for our annual GOLDEN JOX AWARDS! We tell you our favorite movies of the year for 2016 in what becomes a super-sized second half. Enjoy!



Eliminators (1986) returns us to the fun lunacy of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures productions. When you have a mandroid, a scientist, a mercenary pirate, a ninja, and a robot sidekick joining forces to take on a time-traveling villain then you’ve got a recipe for success, my friend. Did we mention they fight cavemen, too? This movie’s got it all.

Second half we really load up on movies with discussion of a bunch of 2016 releases (Ghostbusters, London Has Fallen, Mascots, The Neon Demon), then go back in time with some older horror with An American Werewolf In London (1981) and the Scream series. Enjoy!

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BMFcast337 – Helen Stunt

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Trancers (1984) returns us to the works of Charles Band. Jack Deth is a good cop who lost his way after his wife was killed by Whistler’s trancers, zombie-like dudes who do his evil bidding. So he travels to the distant past of 1985 to meet Helen Hunt and keep himself from being erased from history. All that in a 76-minute movie!

After the break Harlo has some Suicide Squad hot takes, Maki weighs in on Stranger Things, and Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes To Hell gets insulted. All this plus listener e-mails! Enjoy!

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BMFcast72 – Mandiballs

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Taking back the word “zone” with explosive force.

Zone Troopers (1985) is reviewed and we are joined once again by Shiny Lights TStrel. This one is brought to us by Charles Band and directed by the writer of Arena. While not quite the unanimous winner that was, we still manage to have plenty of fun with this one.

Then second half it’s all Oscar talk. We give our picks, wishes and regrets on the entire showdown.

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BMFcast59 – Bowelasso

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Stuart Gordon = Win

Re-Animator (1985) for the win, in this, the final week of Halloween Horror Month. We finish up the best way we know how with some Stuart Gordon. Sure, the closest this movie ever got to an Oscar was being mentioned in American Beauty but this is one for the ages.

Then we talk Red and older horror movies including a trifecta of Wes Craven. And finally we find out just how much Maki hates Boondock Saints when really we just wanted to hate on the terrible sequel.

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