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Blood Debts (1985) concludes Bloodtober as Richard Harrison (the man with the Garfield Phone!) returns to take revenge on criminals of the world in this Death Wish knockoff. But when he gets blackmailed into becoming a vigilante hitman, that’s when things really go crazy. Trust us, watch this one.

After the break Harlo talks about Kevin Hart and The Rock’s Central Intelligence (2016) before we take some e-mails and go on tangents about high school trigonometry (or something.) Enjoy!

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Blood Warriors (1993) continues Bloodtober with the return of decorated BMFcast alums Sam Firstenberg and David Bradley! Wes is a con who gets bailed out by his old marine buddy Keith from Jakarta. After Keith’s death, Wes must battle a drug cartel, all while fending off advances from Karen, Keith’s sister. From there it takes some odd turns. It’s a random one, for sure.

Second half Maki talks about The Thing (2011) before we get into a new batch of listener correspondence. Enjoy!



Bloodfist (1989) begins Bloodtober, after a weeklong Hurricane Matthew related delay. Don “The Dragon” Wilson makes his BMFcast debut, searching for his brother’s murderer with a little help from a guy named Baby, a fight against Billy Blanks and one really messed up mango.

After the break we discuss the incredibly influential original Westworld, The Conjuring series, found footage movies, the genius of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Netflix’s Luke Cage, and even find time for listener e-mails. Enjoy!

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