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Dollman (1991) brings back the triple threat of Tim Thomerson, Charles Band, and Albert Pyun in the story of a hard-boiled alien cop who happens to be the size of a doll when he crash lands on earth. Can he stop a ruthless group of gangbangers led by Jackie Earle Haley and the disembodied doll-sized head of the criminal he was chasing?

In the second half it’s time for our annual GOLDEN JOX AWARDS! We tell you our favorite movies of the year for 2016 in what becomes a super-sized second half. Enjoy!


BMFcast192 – Fear the Darkness

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Adrenaline: Fear the Rush (1996) is another random Albert Pyun movie we picked out of nowhere. All we wanted was some Christophe Lambert and we’ve still failed at seeing a decent Pyun movie. Natasha “Species” Henstridge is along for the slow ride.

Second half we talk about 21 & Over, The Cabin in the Woods and some other stuff. Plus listener correspondence and we announce the winner of our Facebook contest for a Blu Ray copy of I Come In Peace. Enjoy!

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BMFcast – Super Soldier Special

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Pyun Pyun Pyun.

Captain America (1990) by Albert Pyun kicks off this very special (non numbered) edition of the BMFcast, as we review back to back Captain Americas. Matt Salinger stars as Cap, and along for the ride are (for some unknown reason) Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and Darrin McGavin.

In the second half, it’s SpoilCast time as we talk Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) in the version that has a budget of more than $10. Seriously, I think in the 1990 one they ended up buffaloing and eating the wings off Cap’s mask by the end of it. As always, spoilers ahoy! Also, the part of Maki in the second half will be played by the oft mentioned but never before heard (on the BMFcast at least) Greencapt.

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BMFcast86 – In Space

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This poster in no way sums up this movie.

Vicious Lips (1986) was sold to us as a movie about an all female rock group… in space. Think that’s all you need to hear? Well don’t because we’re going to talk about it.

Second half it’s a cavalcade of movie talk including Transformers: Dark of the Moon and a bunch of other with far less Bayhem. We also take some voicemails from the Garfield Phone. Enjoy!

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