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Ready to Rumble (2000) is the conclusion to this year’s March to Wrestlemania. Two simpletons (David Arquette and Scott Caan) trek across America to help disgraced WCW superstar Jimmy King (Oliver Platt) reclaim his throne. Randy Savage, Goldberg, Sting and countless others weave in and out of the story along the way.

The second half has Harlo briefly discussing Marvel’s Iron Fist before the conversation devolves completely into plans for BMFcon 2018 and the horrifying surprises that lie within. Enjoy!

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Space Buddies (2009) is what we watch when Harlo skips an episode. Our intrepid crew of golden retrievers somehow ends up in space and makes friends with Spudnick, a russian dogsmonaut and Gravity, a ferret who’s an expert in atmospheric re-entry trajectories. Or something.

After the break Maki rewatches John Wick (2014) and we take a metric ton of listener e-mails! Sequels to Titanic (1997) are hatched, Saved! (2004) gets a shout out and plenty more. Enjoy!

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Gen 2 of Amityville begins and ends as it’s time for the 2005 Amityville Horror remake! Also known as The Abs-ityville Horror, as you’ll soon see. Come listen to two men who’ve just watched this film struggle to talk about it in the right order!

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Santa’s Slay (2005) is our holiday episode this year, and what a ride. A slay ride, if you will. Bill Goldberg plays a pissed off demon Santa looking to cause mayhem and go to strip clubs.

Second half is jam packed with Chuck’s Christmas marathon of Die Hard 2, Gremlins and Love Actually, Harlo attempts to revisit Space Jam, the second X-Men trilogy is discussed, and then some other movie what was it oh yeah Rogue One: A Star Wars Story makes a spoiler-free appearance. Enjoy!

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Ghosts of Mars (2001) has been requested so often that episode 350 felt like the proper time to review it. Ice Cube, Natasha Henstridge, Pam Grier and Jason Statham must battle Mars-infected zombies, trust issues, and really, really bad editing. Can we (and John Carpenter) survive this one?

After the break we talk a little more about Sausage Party (2016) and take some listener correspondence. Enjoy!

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Episode seven is the finale for the Summer Movie Series and we end it with a dumb joke as we cover Summer Glau in 2006’s MAMMOTH and Donna Summer in 1978’s THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. What a way to end this particular theme. Enjoy!

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Jason X (2001) completes Harlo’s Crystal Lake journey and we all join him for the ride. Its Jason. In space. Murdering people. It’s also self-aware, which works in this case! In space, apparently, everybody is screwed.

In the second half Harlo really, really completes his Friday the 13th journey by watching Freddy vs Jason and the 2009 Friday the 13th remake before opting out of the 7-hour documentary. We also address some listener e-mails. Enjoy!

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BMFcast324 – Rock Bottom

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Doom (2005) has been on The List™ since the start of the podcast, and 324 episodes in we finally review this videogame adaptation starring The Rock, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike. Can The Rock and Bones save this poorly lit movie?

After the break Harlo talks Captain America: Civil War and Jodorowsky’s Dune, JapaniMAY continues as BJ chimes in on Redline, Maki and Harlo love Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro & Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Chuck even joins the animated fun with Duck Tales: The Movie(! ?) It’s a jam-packed half. Enjoy!

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BMFcast322 – Trigger Warning

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Dangerous Men (2005) is our movie for this week, and the episode title is not a joke. (If you’re sensitive about violence towards women, this might be the week to skip. Seriously.) Dangerous Men is the story of a woman wronged who is out for revenge… Sort of. It’s also the story of a cop tracking down a biker named Black Pepper… Sort of. Pieced together over 20+ years of footage and recently re-released by Drafthouse Films, was this “WTF is happening” movie worth the effort?

Second half we briefly talk Deadpool before taking listener correspondence about All The President’s Men that devolves into us discussing how much we are old men. Enjoy!

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BMFcast315 – Hurricane Ka’Cena

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12 Rounds marks the triumphant return of John Cena and our 7th anniversary of podcasting! If you’ve seen Die Hard With a Vengeance, you’ve seen most of this movie. Can Cena running around destroying New Orleans while Aidan Gillen keeps calling his cell help that?

Second half BJ and Harlo discuss London Has Fallen and Chuck decides to go on a teen comedy watching spree. Enjoy!

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