BMFcast393 – Dollman vs Demonic Toys – Poopsie-Daisy


Dollman vs Demonic Toys (1993) is the culmination(?) of Charles Band’s shared universe in a semi-sequel to Dollman, Bad Channels, and Demonic Toys. The naughty Toys are back, and Dollman and a recently-retconned Ginger are there to fight them. This is the shortest movie we’ve ever reviewed, but does combining low-budget movie universes redeem it?

After the break, BJ gets sharky with 47 Meters Down (2017) and Deep Blue Sea (1999), Harlo revisits some ’80s classics with The Lost Boys (1987) and The Last Dragon (1985), Chuck checks in on Netflix’s Ozark (2017) and we discuss TV movies after some listener correspondence. Enjoy!