BMFcast370 – Mighty Peking Man – Mighty Peeking Man


The Mighty Peking Man (1977) begins a brand new APE-ril in Shaw Bros fashion! It may be yet another remake of King Kong, but it’s certainly got that Shaw Bros touch, with random love montages, monster trucks battling a giant ape, and of course, large-scale city destruction. Will all this add up to Jox?

After the break we talk some TV with the recently-concluded Big Little Lies and Review, while talk of Gareth Edwards’ Monsters (2010) leads to e-mails and discussions on Rogue One (2016) and everything Star Wars under the sun. Or galaxy. Or something. Enjoy!

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  1. Straight Out of Tijuana says:

    Monsters (2010) is a film that desperately needs monsters. So that others might not feel cheated by the title change it in your mind to ‘Quarantine Zone,’ A title that better describes the content.

    Horror, terror and suspense are almost nonexistent (the film does cheat with loud noise jolts three of four times at appropriate points) and the monsters make only a few minor appearances.

    The film instead focuses on an American couple traveling North home thru a quarantined ‘war’ zone. The geography is extremely confused, the film is apparently set in Central America, even when the maps clearly show Mexico. The trip apparently starts somewhere in the Yucatan peninsula and ends at the border with the US via a short boat trip, and yet we are still within sight of Mayan pyramids.

    If you do not mind the lack of monsters, then you might enjoy this film for its other elements including alien infection sci-fi, travelogue romance and a possible political reading (Americans have a hard time crossing the border… How does the shoe feel in the other foot? The quarantine also could just as easily have been because of drug culture crime, civil unrest, revolution, etc.) just don’t go in expecting a lot of monster action… It’s just not there.

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