BMFcast Extra 020 – Dirty Ho


Yes, it has an unfortunately misleading title… unfortunate because otherwise this movie is AWESOME. Billed as a comedy, this one has some of the best fight scenes we’ve ever witnessed. Pure martial arts genius at work in this one. Come listen to us rave about it.

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  1. Straight Out of Tijuana says:

    You made fun of the name, but the original title actually translates to “Rotten Head Ho”

    …Think about it for a minute. Much worse, no?

    Anyway if this is what you wanna see when you see a Shaw Bros, that’s a pretty high water mark. I can think of a few titles of that quality:

    Executiones From Shaolin
    Five Deadly Venoms
    Invincible Pole Fighter
    Kid With The Golden Arm
    Legendary Weapons of China
    Lightning Kung Fu
    Return of The Five Deadly Venoms
    Shaolin Master Killer

    There are plenty other good ones, but they don’t quite reach this high.

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