BMFcast368 – Countdown – The Wrong Dolph


Countdown (2016) continues the March to Wrestlemania as Dolph Ziggler is tracking down a child with a ticking time bomb attached to him. Kane is the police chief who yells at him a lot and Katharine Isabelle is the internal affairs agent who’s there to shut him down. Or help him. Or something. Also, there are lots of other wrestlers.

Second half has Harlo continuing his pinball project with CGI nightmare Lost in Space (1998), while Chuck gives his thoughts on Luc Besson’s Lucy (2014), Marvel’s Doctor Strange (2016), and Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon (2016). Enjoy!

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  1. Straight Out of Tijuana says:

    Upon its release I saw Lost in Space in the movie theater, but I borrowed the DVD from the library for some innocuous family watching.

    I’m sure the TV series has its fans and defenders, but as Science Fiction it has to be somewhere in the low end of the spectrum. Camp sure, but there is too much of that already when someone keeps expecting something of substance and quality.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the film in any way.

    There is, however, one aspect of the film that impressed me this go around. We had just been discussing time travel on another forum, and this film features some of it.
    Initially the ship goes into warp drive to escape the pull of the sun as it comes out it travels into the future (a la Planet of the Apes) without the crew realizing this.

    The first serious thing about the time warp is that it is not reversible, the ship’s captain realizes an old friend is dead and out of contact and forever lost. God knows what else has happened to the Earth, but it had been said that some catastrophe was ready to happen: The mission was a type of Ark attempting to rescue a sample of humanity. Most toothless movies/stories will find a way to reverse this, have the heroes go back in time and restore the status quo. This does not happen.

    Next, the ship travels to a planet which houses a time warp bubble. This will take some explaining: A member of the crew is to build a time machine sometime in the future once pretty much all other members are dead. The time bubble we see is the effect of the future time machine reaching into its past (our present.) This means that in a possible future (I am already spoiling a multiple-universe explanation of the nature of time travel, but it’s necessary,) the crew never escapes the planet and they pretty much all die stranded there, (more serious stuff.)

    Back to the present. The crew members go into the time bubble and meet with the future crew member. Using some energy source from within the bubble they are able to lift off and escape the gravity well (this has the effect of cancelling the other future,) but they leave the future member plus one of their own time. Basically the guy sacrifices himself so that the others will escape. Except that they don’t. The ship explodes on lift off and he sees his whole family die. We have already established that traveling thru time creates an alternate universe. There is no way to rescue these dead people, once dead, they are dead forever.

    The time machine and its creator are still available, and he offers to arrange this one crew member’s relocation to another alternate universe where he will find alternate selves of his family. These people are not his family, but are from a different universe. The creator decides to stay behind (for no reason whatsoever, since there is no reason for him to die. However by saving himself, he’d be living a life next to a younger alternate himself (time twin?) This would prove embarrassing in case of a sequel, and I am sure that is the only reason he stays behind.)

    So, the crew member travels to an alternate past, where his family does not die, and there us a “reunion” of sorts (except the he has never seen these particular people since they belong to an alternate reality.) Along with him also travels a robot created by the future self that decided to stay behind. It’d be a paradox, in that this robot travels to an alternate of own past and never has a chance to be created since the future is modified and the future that I described before ceases to exist. But as I said, the alternate reality of time travel is by this time pretty well established, there are, possibly, an infinity of alternate timelines, and by warping thru time via space travel or time machine, we are in essence stepping from one universe to an alternate.

    Maybe I have devoted too much time analyzing this, but it is refreshing that such a lame movie has the guts to be this hard on the characters, and to deal seriously with the time travel aspect.

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