BMFcast360 – Rage – Glass Dismissed


Rage (1995) isn’t Gary Daniels’ first BMFcast movie, but it’s definitely his first as the lead. (Spoiler: Also the best. So far.) He’s an unassuming second grade teacher who gets caught up in a government experiment gone wrong and must now battle his way to freedom, while murdering and/or defenestrating lots and lots and LOTS of bad guys.

In the second half Harlo reviews Passengers (2016) and the Mexican movie theater experience, Chuck and Maki discuss why Hail, Caesar! (2016) is one of the Coens’ lesser works, Maki sees a musical (The Book of Mormon) and we even have time for a listener e-mail. Enjoy!



  1. Mutsu says:

    Surprised you didn’t bring up how obviously wrong the plot summary on IMDB is, calling it a “corrupt right-wing militia group” when it’s clearly something being done by the US Government itself. Not only does it outright say the CIA is involved in it, the guards at the actual medical facility are both US Marines (as shown by their blue uniforms and white hates) and also US Navy personnel (the dudes in the black uniforms have armbands with SP written on them, SP standing for “Shore Patrol”, basically the Military Police for the US Navy)

  2. Maki Maki says:

    We actually made the comment on the livestream (or even before) it just forgot to mention it again when recording. But yeah, it’s the government, not that it matters since the majority of them come off as “henchman who get kicked through a window #3.”

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