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Breakin’ (1984) is Cannon’s attempt to cash in on that crazy breakdancing fad. Little did they know, everyone would be dancing like that for the rest of time. At least we still have Ice-T and Christopher McDonald to remember from the early days.

In the second half, Ghostbusters fan #1 BJ gives his take on the brand new all-lady edition, Harlo continues his journey down the Friday the 13th rabbithole, Chuck demands everyone watch Stranger Things on Netflix, and Maki reads a bunch of fun listener e-mails. Enjoy!



  1. Yevetha says:

    The reason people hate it besides being a remake is because they decided to jump head first into the culture wars. The 13 Hours movie knew better but still got burned for being a ”political” movie.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    I’m going to assume you’re talking about the new Ghostbusters. The “culture wars” started the second it was announced that it was a new crew of women, so I don’t blame them for leaning into it. I’d give the middle finger to those people, too.

  3. Yevetha says:

    Any occassions where shitting on your potential audience worked? Also you got data that says that the primary reason for the hate was the fact that women are headlining it instead of being gimmicky storytelling? What kind of idiot marketing team reacts to some tweets?

  4. Maki Maki says:

    I think marketers and filmmakers have learned that those people aren’t your audience and they never will be. It’s become like politics. Preach to the choir and make them the thing that will appeal to them the most, because trying to appeal to everyone is a recipe for a bland, boring movie.

    Just curious how the storytelling was “gimmicky”? Also, got any data that says an all-woman cast wasn’t the reason for the hate?

  5. Yevetha says:

    To whom did Feig try to appeal with his antics? Five percent of the 20 who play close attention to politics? In that case the budget is too big. Changing the main cast to women was a gimmick the same way changing them all asian, all redneck or all Klingon would had been. Was anyone angry about Lucy making a ton of money? Would people be upstet about the Expendabelles? Do people protest the Jessica Jones series? i assume that if there was this huge hate mob against female leads the people behind thos properties would also be forced to adress them.

  6. Maki Maki says:

    So the hate wasn’t about them being women, it was about it being a “gimmick,” which the gimmick was the cast being women. I hope you see the logic train I’m following there. This demonstrates the problem even more. An all-female cast is considered a gimmick instead of a normal option. Feig tried to appeal to a female audience who would be in on the joke. Dudes who loved the original Ghostbusters were NEVER getting another one and can’t accept that this one isn’t targeted to them. Hopefully Asylum can make them a “gimmicky” all-male cast knockoff, though.

  7. Yevetha says:

    They started with a new cast than they could not shut the fuck up about how progressive and enlightened they are making it a gimmick in the process. If you make anything as beloved there will be a ton of negativity no matter what, just look at Point Break. Sony and the cast decided to jump head first into the culture wars. Any number of recent cases when all female main casts were considered a gimmick? Dudes who liked Point Break hated the idea of the new Point Break and nobody run to Kimmel and the newssources of the world to whine about it. Why dive head first into gender politics?

  8. Maki Maki says:

    I remember the Culture Wars. So many casualties. My uncle lost his leg. Caught a stray forum post he wasn’t prepared for. Took him right out. Woke up in a hospital weeks later. They said those savages kept the leg, maybe even ate it. We don’t talk about it much anymore. Those who always want to dive head first into gender politics aren’t out there on the front lines, fighting like the real heroes.

  9. Yevetha says:

    It was a necessary war that brought freedom and fun but i really wish the guerillas would shut it the fuck down. They are killing their own people.

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