BMFcast319 – My Hovercraft Is Full Of Heels



Hard Hunted (1993) brings us back into the wonderful world of Andy Sidaris. Donna and Nicole are once again tasked with doing something that will involve shooting dudes, blowing up dudes and getting naked with dudes. It’s an Andy Sidaris movie, after all.

Second half Harlo talks about Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ making-of documentary, Chuck likes The Big Short and The Hateful Eight we all take a metric ton of listener correspondence. Enjoy!



  1. Straight Out of Tijuana says:

    Kill and Kill Again (1981) is not necessarily a sequel, but it is a follow up to Kill or Be Killed (1976) (aka Karate Olympia aka Karate Killer.) If you cover it make sure and see the initial movie first – you don’t wanna get lost in the complexities of the story.

    I am from a previous generation that saw these trailers countless times on TV, but it is still surprising that others are unfamiliar with these films. I guess they have simply fallen thru the cracks and are pretty much forgotten nowadays.

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