BMFcast310 – Dollemite



The Human Tornado (1976) begins this year’s Blaxploitation History Month! Rudy Ray Moore returns in the sequel to Dolemite. With a cast of just-as-crazy characters, does this sequel measure up?

After the break BJ gives us his thoughts on Ex Machina and we take a ton of listener correspondence!

We also have a special announcement. We’ve finally launched our Patreon! Plenty of goals have already been met, including a bonus podcast just for contributors. You can find all the information right here. Thanks, and enjoy!



  1. Straight Out of Tijuana says:

    This is exactly by what I mean when I say I still do not know who you guys are… A Soupy Sales reference?.. and then all the other ones seem to get it? How could you possibly know who Soupy Sales is? You certainly do not seem old enough, since you all seem to be 90s kids!

    Crash & Burn!

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