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Well, folks, here it is. There comes a time in every artistic endeavor where you have to beg for cash and this is ours. Instead of putting you through a thousand horrible ad reads for stamps or audiobooks, though, we wanted to beg directly to the people that matter: YOU, our fans! So, what does this mean? For the most part, absolutely nothing! We’re not going away any time soon and we’re never ever going to charge for our weekly quest to bring you the best of the worst. However, we want to cover some of our costs, and be able to bring you even better things in the future. We have a few fun things lined up for if we can hit some of what we think are pretty reasonable goals, and a few fun rewards for those of you that are willing to put your money where our mouths are. So, take a look, donate if you can (no pressure! We know what it’s like to be broke because we are.) and please share this and us with your fellow bad movie lovers! BMFcast out! (Pay us.)

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