BMFcast287 – Shovel Chucker



The Final Sanction (1990) is our movie of the week as we pay tribute to the late David A. Prior and Robert Z’Dar. Ted Prior is back to represent the US in a mano a mano showdown vs. USSR to end nuclear conflict.

Second half we discuss Rush, The Hobbit series and They Live. Plus listener correspondence. Enjoy!



  1. Tim says:

    The price of this vhs is up to 133 bucks on Amazon. Really folks?

  2. Toni says:

    Copied my Facebook comment…The Hobbit sucks. I haven’t seen any of them since. There wasn’t even a Darth Maul type to enjoy. I love Mr. Ambivalent About Lord of the Rings! I’m repelled by Hobbits, the feet are distracting and disgusting. Pretend Medieval fairyland shit is annoying. The Middle Ages were dismal, disease ridden and misery. But I liked the first film and was compelled by the story to watch the others – which I enjoyed. I own them. Honestly, what hooked me hard was the opening scene. During the battle when Sauran is vanquished, the force that released and leveled everything – the sound and visuals were outstanding. And Sauran’s head gear was epic. The Belroch terrified me, awesomely done. If there’s awesome special effects I have high endurance.

    Mr. Ambivalent is on spot! I tried to read the books. One book. I didn’t get past the first few pages. Like Dune, which killed me in the first paragraph, I can’t waste brain power and have no interest in developing a lexicon of nonsense. I don’t care how scholarly it was created. And I refuse to participate in Dungeons and Dragons mentality. I used to mock those people. Still do. Even more after I tried to play. But I did marry one. I mock him. I’m strictly Star Trek for made up bullshit.

  3. Toni says:

    Thank you for schooling me on Robert Z’Dar. I was impressed enough to look him up during the podcast. He’s a “must know” for me. I can’t wait to impress my friends and family.

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