BMFcast277 – Fresh Paint



The Final Alliance (1990) marks the return of David Hasselhoff to the show. He’s a drifter returning to his hometown to take on a biker gang led by an albino John Saxon. Oh yeah, he has a pet puma. Sold yet?

After the break we revisit and discuss the Jurassic Park series in anticipation of Jurassic World, and renew our Kung Fury discussion with a listener e-mail. Enjoy!

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  1. AdamT says:

    My one big problem with JP1 is that the whole chaos theory/”nature finds a way” theorizing isn’t related to the plot of the movie. The dinos mating doesn’t make one whit of difference to the action. I blame Michael Crichton, whose novels had a habit of combining two pop science ideas together that weren’t connected.

  2. Clumzor says:

    The worst thing about Jurassic Park 3 was that it skipped over the interesting story with the kid learning to survive on an island alone with dinosaurs.

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