BMFcast256 – Sensory Overload


Needs more robot menacing

Hardware (1990) is our first movie of 2015. This is not the movie you’re looking for. Move along.


Second half it’s time for our 2014 Golden Jox celebrating the best movies of the year. That’s it. The entire half. Enjoy!




  1. Gregor says:

    I’m always looking for unintentionally funny movies from the 80’s and on, that are fast-moving and crazy enough to be entertaining. My favorites are Fateful Findings, Hard Ticket To Hawaii, Samurai Cop, Miami Connection, Road To Revenge (aka Geteven), and the Room.

    I’m enjoying your podcast, but I don’t have enough time to go through and listen to them all. Would you please tell me some recommendations for your worst and most entertaining Bad Movies?


  2. Maki Maki says:

    The ones we’ve loved the most (AKA unanimous 5-jox movies) are:
    Robot Jox (ep 6)
    I Come In Peace AKA Dark Angel (ep 17)
    Arena 1990 (ep 43)
    Deathstalker (ep 83)
    Invasion USA (ep 85)
    Order of the Black Eagle (ep 87)
    Hard Ticket To Hawaii (ep 93)
    Slaughter (ep 110)
    The Punisher 1989 (ep 121)
    The Marine (ep 125)
    Cyborg Cop (ep 161)
    Three The Hard Way (ep 165)
    Action Jackson (ep 200)
    Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (ep 249)

    Any of those should scratch that itch. We have quite a few where we were almost there (Stunt Rock, Cyborg Cop 2, Stone Cold, Omega Cop, Dragon Wars, Back In Action, Truck Turner, Tactical Force, Drive 1998 and Action USA) so any of those should fit the bill. We will look into Fateful Findings and Road To Revenge!

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