BMFcast228 – Squib Surplus Salute


Those guns should be reversed. Otherwise this poster is awesome.

Back in Action (1993) is our movie for the week. Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper kind of massacre their way through some bad guys and it’s a bloody good time. There are so many kicks to the face the we had to make this.


Second half we talk a ton of movies including X-men: Days of Future Past, The Monuments Men, Pompeii, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pain & Gain and Miller’s Crossing. Then we begin Double Dance Reviews with Fame (1980) and Fame (2009). Enjoy!

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  1. duggie says:

    LOL’d at Kelsey Grammar Beast just randomly walking down a hall in XMDOFP.

  2. I think you meant the movie starts “in medias res” — Latin for, “in the middle of things,” and not “mise-en-scene,” French for “pretentious film term.”

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