BMFcast226 – The Core of the Modern Prometheus


Now we know what it's like to BE bad!

I, Frankenstein (2014) is our movie of the week. Your friends and neighbors, the Bad Movie Fiends, make the pledge to talk about this movie that has just come into our possession. The missing movie that was originally supposed to come out in early 2013 but found itself in a rabbit hole perhaps should have just been erased. Watch it on Thursday or any given Sunday and you’ll see that in the company of men that there were no reservations about earning a paycheck. Instead we’re happy having conversations with other women like nurse Betty and thank you for smoking. What we’re saying is we’d be fine if this movie neverwas.


Second half we listen to Chuck discuss his odd assortment of movies watched while under the influence of some kind of sickness and then delve deep into listener correspondence. Enjoy!


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