BMFcast216 – The Secret Ingredient of Our Success


American Samurai (1992) is our first movie for March Dacascos and also happens to be our 5th Anniversary episode. So we brought in the director/star of Cyborg Cop to kick us off.

Second half it’s time for the long promised all listener correspondence half as we had a lot of catching up to do. Enjoy!



  1. Walt says:

    Ohhh Lordie. Dat opening. Dat Japanese Fleshlight.

    I’m really looking forward to the next theme month: Chew-ly! Featuring such “hits” as Fast Food – Starring Jim Varney & Traci Lords; Hamburger: The Motion Picture – starring Dick Butkis; Hot Dog: The Movie – Starring Shannon Tweed’s Breasts; and finally Meatballs 2 – Starring Richard Mulligan and John Laroquette.

    (Just kidding, I know that July is FREEDUM! month.)

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