BMFcast207 – Cultaway


Cutaway (2000) is our final movie of 2013. If you like movies about skydiving, this might be the movie for you. If you like movies that bother with any plot other than skydiving, it probably isn’t.

Second half we quickly talk about a few catchup movies of 2013 and then on to the Golden Jox awards for the year. Enjoy!



  1. MusiM says:

    John Dies at the End has an interesting history. The author, using the fake name David Wong, originally wrote it on a monthly website. When you read the book you can tell it was written that way. Its still a really entertaining read in that its almost a pre-Cabin in the Woods style take on horror and comedy. But unlike Cabin in the Woods its genuinely scary in portions but that is comparing a book to a movie.

    The movie came about with the author, who is one of the people who runs, finding out Paul Giamatti was a big fan of the book and they both decided it needed to be a movie. So they got the Phantasm director of all people and made whatever that was they made. I didn’t like the movie very much. It felt like they couldn’t let go of their favorite scenes and just wound up with a collection of scenes that weren’t supported by the story sections that made them good in the book.

    This Book is Full of Spiders Seriously Don’t Touch It is functionally a better story and book than its predecessor. It doesn’t quite scare you like the previous book did but it certainly has some good “oh shit” moments that are very much earned.

    If you like to read, you can finish John Dies at the End in a couple days. Hell you might even be able to find the old website they posted it on and read it for free.

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