BMFcast203 – Thankskilling American Style


American Ninja (1985) is how we celebrate Thankgiving. Why? Because America. And Ninja. Also this marks the first time we’ve watched a Michael Dudikoff movie somehow.

Second half we catch up on listener correspondence and wrap it up so we can go eat some turkey. Enjoy!



  1. Joe says:

    Great ep guys, but I think you picked the wrong Dudikoff film, should have gone with 1985’s Avenging Force. It stars Dudikoff and Steven James, it’s the sequel to Invasion USA and is also a Canon film. It also features possibly the worst final boss fight ever in a martial arts movie!

  2. Chuck says:

    We picked the right Dudikoff film, and can keep picking more right Dudikoff films. Avenging Force is on the list!

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