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Super Buddies (2013) is the wrap up movie to Dogust and our first Disney movie ever. Since the inception of the Air Bud franchise, it’s all led to this. Five puppies gain super powers (besides being able to talk) and fight an evil alien. Its G-rating could have been grating but it’s better than you’d think.

Second half we talk The World’s End, a pair of Korean movies (The Man From Nowhere and I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay) and get Dieselized with Pitch Black. Plus emails and even a brand new contest for you to enter, dear listener. Enjoy!

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  1. Maki Maki says:

    Hey guys, here’s the recommendation from Patryk that was way too long to read on the show. And yeah, I said “Seagaltember” and not “Seagtember” because it sounds better. Yeah, that’s it!

    Hello, Bemfcasters.

    I sacrificed myself for the BMF Cast and decided to watch a movie that could deserve a recommendation. I’ve just finished it and now I’m not so sure. However, it looked promising. The movie I’m talking about is titled “Out of Reach”, starring Steven “Why the fuck don’t I have my theme month on the BMF Cast” Seagal. It’s a very special flick for my people, because it was filmed in our lovely country – Poland. You know how it works: if you don’t have a decent budget, you shoot in Romania. If
    you’re an early ’00s Steven Seagal, you shoot in Poland. He plays an ex-military, who is such a charming guy that in the very first scene he saves the life of a little wounded birdy he found in the woods, and is so old school that he lives in a wooden cabin he built himself, and still writes paper letters, instead of using the thing called the Internet. He finds out that his distant Polish cousin, a teenage girl, was just kidnapped in Warsaw by gangsters focusing on human trafficking. He
    decides he needs to pay our country a little visit and kick some major Polish ass in order to rescue her. His journey will be an adventurous one. And completely absurd. While in Poland, he joins forces with a young policewoman, played by one of the most beautiful Polish actresses, Agnieszka Wagner (yes, Maki, you’ve just mispronounced it). During his investigation, he enters a lot of Polish buildings with English writings on them, and encounters evil Polish gangsters played by bad Polish
    actors, who speak to each other in English with bad Polish accents, and evil Polish gangsters played by bad American actors speaking Polish with bad American accents. The ridiculously sounding voice issues have touched Seagal himself. The poor guy often is badly dubbed by someone whose voice isn’t even remotely similar. Why? Nobody knows. But it’s possible it was a Polish voice actor, because he sounds hilarious. In one scene Seagal briefly speaks French for no reason, wearing a fur pimp coat,
    also for no reason. He also introduces here the innovative questioning technique later perfected by Nic Cage in “The Wicker Man”: not giving the fucking time to answer. He asks some random henchman – who just tried to kill him – the immortal question: “Who sent you?!”. Then, after two seconds, before the bad guy manages to reply, Seagal shouts: “Wrong answer!” and pushes him out of the freaking window.

    Seagal’s surreal adventures don’t end there. Examples: he finds a dead woman with a bullet hole in her forehead, but checks her pulse just in case. There’s a main bad guy with badly dyed blonde hair, who looks like he fell out of a goddamn cartoon, and who Seagal fights with a traditional Polish sabre, which was conveniently hanging on a wall. He also teaches a 10 year old boy how to drink vodka. Judging from this scene and many others, vodka is the only drinkable liquid in Poland. His trip is
    not without educational merits: he learns a few quintessential Polish phrases, like “dzienkuja, dzienkuja bardzo” and “nostrovia”.

    There are some laughs to be had while watching this movie, but unfortunately there’s not much fun to warrant a good BMF Cast episode. Three shootings, only one of them entertaining. The aforementioned sabre fight. A lot of gorgeous Polish girls, mostly hookers. But it would land in the bag territory for you, I’m afraid.

    Still, my point is valid: you absolutely need a Seagal month. I’m sure you’ll agree. And don’t give me bullshit like “Every month is a Seagal month”, because you know damn well it isn’t. You only did one movie with the guy! Get your shit together and finally come up with “Seagtember” or something.

    Other than that, keep up the great work!


  2. musim says:

    Harlo do you not watch things on the internet that has commercials? As much as I wanted to avoid every trailer for The World’s End Youtube and The Escapist had other plans. Still need to see it but I’m so broke!

    Damn missed the contest! Or not?

  3. Harlo Harlo says:

    I know this will infuriate Maki, but chalk up another win for AdBlock Plus. I knew nothing about World’s End except the main cast and there was something about drinking. That’s all I wanted to know too.

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