BMFSpoilCast07 – Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim (2013) brings us back to the long forgotten realm of the SpoilCast! Stop reading this and go see it. Then see it again. This is our kind of movie. So we talk about it. Enjoy!

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  1. Eric says:

    Awesome spoilercast. Its 16 minutes until the title card,BTW….16 minutes of budget busting awesome ! CRASH & BURN in the Shhatterdome!!

  2. Ed B. says:

    I’m glad you guys loved it. Definitely getting the super ultimate Blue-Ray of this.

  3. The guy Al says:

    Guys, now that you have seen this picture and it is all sorts of awesome… what about doing “Atlantic Rim” in one of the future episodes? oh, you guys don’t know about this? why it is only the latest production of The Asylum, you know, famous for Transmorphers and Transmorphers 2: fall of man.

    Methinks this one is a winner 🙂

    Crash & burn!

  4. Strelnikov says:

    I’m still out there….

  5. Maki Maki says:

    Eric: Please tell us you didn’t sit in the theater and time it. But if you actually did, that’s kind of awesome.

    Ed: We are still shocked Amazon hasn’t put up the bluray preorder, considering they had ones for Furious 6 and Star Trek Into Darkness before the movies were even out…

    Al: We touch a lot on Asylum and why their stuff hasn’t clicked with us in the upcoming episode 184’s second half, specifically about Sharknado.

    Strelnikov: Thanks for contributing to the conversation!

  6. adef187 says:

    Just saw it for the 2nd time; it’s just as good as I thought it was. This may be the best movie I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Crash & Burn.

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