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Foodfight! (Some Year) is our third “movie” for AniMAYtion. Do your kids love Casablanca, Nazis, product placement, awkward sexual references and TERRIBLE animation? Then this movie still isn’t for them. Or anyone.

Second half we talk about much happier things like going to an advanced screening of Fast & Furious 6. Yeah. That’s more like it. Enjoy!

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  1. Sunny California says:

    oh wow, the poster. The fucking poster. This can’t exists. The poster can’t exist. The movie can’t exist. This makes me want to burn it all down.

    btw 5 min. rule.

  2. musim says:

    I figured it out! Maki doesn’t want to pay for a vasectomy before marriage so his friends (the Bad Movie Fiends) are all joining him in watching things to punch yourself in the balls to!

    But seriously, hasn’t Cartoon Network or Dreamworks made a bad movie you guys would be willing to watch? Hell why not one of the 80’s toy line movies? Dino Riders or Rock’n Lords? There’s probably a Mask movie.

    I know I keep pushing and this will be my last time, but I’m still mind blown at the cartoon/animated movies that were picked. I mean I would think your basis for selection for be shitty action flick since a shitty action flick will always be solid waste over family diarrhea.

    And did I miss something or did Chuck not rate it?

    Very much looking forward to Furious 6. Hoping to re-watch the rest of the series all this week (and see Tokyo Drift for the first time). Also very glad to hear other people loving Iron Man 3.

  3. musim says:

    Hell, what about Pryde of the X-Men, the 30 minute 80’s X-Men cartoon that basically has the same story line as the arcade?

  4. musim says:

    Crap, I just said I wouldn’t do that again, my bad. Backing off. I post because I care, and hopefully not in that creepy stalker man rape kind of way.

  5. Harlo Harlo says:

    There are many cartoons we have considered. I will be making a push to close out with some sort of 80’s toy line tie-in because those are the ones that generally don’t make me want to crush my own skull in. First we will venture into the turbulent waters of anime and then maybe we can finish off with some Battle of the Rock Lords or at the very least some Secret of the Sword. But we’re stupid so we’ll probably end up watching Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation.

  6. musim says:

    I bet Care Bears would be pretty entertaining.

  7. duggie says:

    Foodfight is youtube with viewer annotations for those interested. I thought it was entertainingly terrible and I would have given it a jox or two.

  8. Maki Maki says:

    Duggie, if that’s the case then you really need to consider raising your standards for bad movies. Everything about this “thing” is abysmal.

  9. Brad Walker says:

    This movie has been dreaded/anticipated for years over at Cartoon Brew. (List of links at It does sound like they put more money into the voice cast and the character rights than in rendering.

    But a couple of points. In your reviews of Foodfight and Cats Don’t Dance you wondered what the use was of referring to movies kids wouldn’t know. There is a mindset that holds that kids will watch anything that’s animated, so you might as well stick material in there that appeals to adults and try for both audiences. (This has been going on for sometime; Animaniacs and Eek! the Cat both devoted an episode to Apocalypse Now. Going way back, Spunky and Tadpole made a joke about Message to Garcia.) I don’t commend this practice – one of the things that makes Pixar’s movies so great is that they’re engaging to all ages, albeit in different ways. I just feel the attitude needs to be taken into consideration.

    Moving on to the uneven distribution of licensed/original characters in Foodfight, that’s got a pedigree as well – Buzz and Woody in Toy Story, Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman in Who Framed…, Wreck-it Ralph in his movie. Making an original character the focus eliminates a lot of the hassle of clearing it with the lawyers.

    About potential animated review fodder, have you considered the cheap knock-offs of Disney films that clutter the drugstore bins? Here’s a review of Ratatoing you might enjoy:

    His description of Ratatoing’s animation reminded me of what you said about Foodfight: “The entire film looks like unfinished footage from a Pixar behind-the-scenes featurette: flat, simple shapes with primary colors and stiff body movements that make everybody look like they’re doing the Robot.”

  10. Chuck says:

    Maki wouldn’t let me suggest any of the bargain bin knock-offs.

  11. As I was listening to the episode, I thought to myself that the animation couldn’t be that bad. So I paused the podcast and watched the trailer. Yep, it’s that bad. Sorry for doubting you guys.

  12. Gzoref says:

    Hey guys, love your work.

    Just once thing: There are some BASIC rules about animation, called “The 12 Basic Principles of Animation,” which was created by Frank Thompson and Ollie Johnson of Disney when they worked there in the 1930s.


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