NQ Presents BMF – Blood Dragon Special


In this very special episode of BMFcast, we’re joined by the crew of No Quarters to discuss a match made in heaven in game form. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the game that feels like it was specifically made for us. Warning: After a short bit of general talk, we will get heavy into spoilers.

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  1. MikPal says:

    Sorry to tell you guys this, but the game’s writing just didn’t have the same love for the source material as the visuals and the music. It felt like a game equivalent of an “(insert name here) Movie”.

  2. Chuck says:

    For something made in a very short period of time, and having seen more 80s movies than most people in the 80s did, I’d say the writing was spot on.

  3. The Beej The Beej says:

    Sorry to tell you this, MikPal, but you’re 100% wrong.

  4. Maki Maki says:

    The writing somehow felt like every late-’80s low budget sci-fi movie ever without feeling like it was directly ripping off any of them. I honestly think the writing was the most retro-loving thing in there, right along with that incredible soundtrack.

  5. Julian says:

    THANK YOU, BMFcast. For all your hard movie fiending and everything else, but more specifically, for this first ever cross-cast-spoilersode.

    Since I played the very first minute of Blood Dragon, I’ve been consumed by an unprecedented need to know your opinions about this game/love letter to everything B movie, and I didn’t want to have to wait for your next episode of No Quarters to find out. I was actually thinking about giving you guys a call on the Garfield Hotline and recommending 2005’s “Alone in the Dark” for next week’s BMFcast, just to shoehorn in a question about Blood dragon.

    I’ve been listening on and off since the very beginning (I was the guy that recommended the pile o’ shit that was “Robot Holocaust” and for that reason, I’ve been mostly quiet with the correspondence since then) so the cast of the BMFcast is never far from my thoughts. Well, not -never-. actually, most of the time you are very far from my thoughts. So this BURNING DESIRE to know your opinion about this game either speaks volumes about the quality of it’s anti-quality, or about how batshit crazy I am.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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