BMFcast175 – Cats DO Dance


Cats Don’t Dance (1997) is our second movie for AniMAYtion. Spoiler: They totally dance. A lot.

Second half we get into things a bit more relevant to our interests as we talk about Iron Man 3, Pain & Gain, Battleship, Real Steal and more. Yeah that’s more like it. Enjoy!

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  1. Strelnikov says:

    Hey, if you want “depressing” and “American animated” watch “The Mouse and His Child” (1977) or the Raggedy Ann and Andy movie they made the same year; at least the latter film tries to do a sort of low-rent psychedelia/surrealism as well, but I remember that one childhood viewing of “The Mouse” being this slog through a barren wasteland with characters I’ve done my level best to forget.

  2. Scott says:

    I agree with you guys about 99% of the time, but you really missed the ark on this one. I really liked this toon.

    You kept asking “Who was the audience for this?” Are you producers? Studio heads? Why is this even part of your critique? Who was Eraserhead for? Who was Timebandits for?

    Watch “Doogal” (2006) if you want to watch a reprehensible sack of pig dicks. I think your the audience this was aimed for.

  3. Maki Maki says:

    It is a valid question. If your movie (especially one as homogenized as this) has no audience, then you need to rethink why you’re making it. Also, you know it’s not fair to try to compare this to a David Lynch or a Terry Gilliam film. Those are made by artists with very specific viewpoints and styles, and you’re comparing them to an animated kids’ movie credited to ELEVEN scriptwriters. Nobody was making a big statement or art piece here. But wondering about who the filmmakers are making a movie for is a valid part of critiquing and discussing movies as a whole. That’s why we bring it up.

    And don’t worry, we’ve got reprehensible on the way!

  4. musim says:

    Sounds like we need to revisit the Roger Rabit Dip initiative for this one.

    In all fairness, Hugh Jackman does do a decent Wolverine and is way too tall.

    Ok, I realize you guys are set on your course through hell this month, but for next year, there is a lot of of 90’s anime movies that are utterly ridiculous and dumb at 90 minutes or less that you should investigate.

  5. Detective Murphy says:

    Gonna have to agree with Scott. The review shows a distinct lack of knowledge for how animation works. A writing team of eleven is common, as there’s people who need to craft elements into the story, or if the story was something different before the final result. Zootopia is a major example, with the eleven story credits and two screenwriters, both of which were also story writers. It seems like a hip-fire than a criticism.

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