BMFcast166 – The German Smoothie


The Package (2012) brings back BMFcast alums “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren. It’s a straight-to-DVD action film but this actually has a lot going for it. And on top of all that, Dolph is one crazy fact delivering monologer.

Second half we talk a bevy of movies. So many, in fact, that we won’t try to list them all here, but know that Blitz, Dog Soldiers and Skyfall get mentions. Listen and enjoy!

Plus here is the animated GIF question from listener Moonpir mentioned in the second half.

The Question...

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  1. John K. says:

    Hey guys,

    Love the podcast. Your review this week made me want to rewatch the Package…from 1989 It’s a solid action thriller set against the end of the Cold War with solid performances from a dogged Gene Hackman and a wily Tommy Lee Jones. It also features prominently one of my favorite movie guns the Steyr AUG

    Keep up the good work,
    John K., Washington DC

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