BMFcast162 – Planes, Trains and Slaughtermobiles


Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (1973) begins our second annual Blaxploitation History Month! It’s Jim Brown vs. Ed McMahon!(?) What better way to start the month than with the sequel to our highest rated movie from last year?

Second half it’s a bunch of crazy as we talk Ted, Seven Psychopaths with other random movies and take a bunch of backlogged listener correspondence. Enjoy!

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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I finally listened to this episode tonight. For almost a year I was wondering what you guys would think of this film. I am glad that there was uproarious laughter to the things that made me loudly chuckle, such as Joe Creole, Jim Brown literally bitch-slapping that one guy, and Ed McMahon romancin’ a lady. Sad to say, the guy who played Joe Creole passed away around this time last year.

    Believe it or not, the only original version of this movie that I know is out there is that somehow I found on Veoh a *Spanish* copy of the film. It’s dubbed and no, Jim Brown doesn’t try to speak Spanish; it’s another dude’s voice. I’ve only seen parts of it but it’s the best you can do to get it the way it should be.

    I am amused you guys were intrigued by my take on Firepower. I did mainly watch it to see The Ultimate Warrior in a rare acting role. The movie is not as crazy as Cyborg Cop sounds like, but I hope I don’t lead you guys astray if you do watch it in the future. An entire month of PM Entertainment films would not be a bad idea.

  2. MusiM says:

    Ted has reverence for Flash Gordan? Well I’m sold now.

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