BMFcast157 – Dreamworks Animation’s How To Train Your Money


Money Train (1995) helps us celebrate New Year’s with Wesley and Woody back in action. Just don’t get your hopes up. The eponymous Money Train barely shows up in the movie.

Second half it’s time for the 2012 Golden Jox Awards celebrating the best of the good movies from the year. Top 5s discussed. Winners declared. Awards given. Enjoy!

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  1. adam t says:

    A Jon Peters classic. Congrats on making it to the train scenes — I didn’t get that far.

  2. MusiM says:

    I’m really weird about Wes Anderson films in that I’ve only seen one of them in the theater and I wish I hadn’t but I definitely love his style but not all his films. Royal Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic are my favorites. Didn’t really like Bottle Rocket and never was able to sit through Rushmore. I really want to see Moonrise Kingdom but I keep forgetting it exists. But then again I haven’t seen half of the movies I want to this year.

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