BMFcast155 – Ninja Justice


Pray for Death (1985) stars Sho Kosugi as a man driven to the edge and beyond, to murder the bad guys so hard. Seriously, there may never have existed an antagonist who antagonizes harder than Limehouse Willie.


Second half we talk The Watch, The Dark Knight RisesThe Expendables 2 and more. Enjoy!


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  1. MusiM says:

    You guys never fail to brighten my day with these.

    I love the 310 to Yuma remake. I saw the original once and its actually pretty goofy.

    Dark City, however, I love twists and all. “No more Mr. Quick.”

    Yeah I was pretty excited to see Aronofsky’s Wolverine as well. Too bad he pussed out.

  2. Blair Russell says:

    Ahhh, Pray for Death. I saw that a few years ago on Hulu. In hindsight that should have been something to recommend in the past as it did seem like a good fit for this podcast.

    I know that the BMFCast thinks it’s overrated as a bad movie experience (and I do agree there are funnier and shittier bad films out there that’d get a great reaction if it got the treatment this did) but this past Saturday I did see Miami Connection on the big screen at the arthouse/indie joint in Orlando (The Enzian) and some of the stars of the film were there. It was Y.K Kim himself (his English skills aren’t much better 25 years later), the guy in the film who had the great pornstache, and the OH MY GOD! black guy. It was a pretty full screening and I still enjoy laughing with and at the film. Afterwards Kim signed posters so I got one.

    The Dark Knight Rises… I believe I mentioned at the time that I was “eh” about it. Some parts of it were cool and I liked a lot of the Bane character, but how it turned out was disappointing and I had various issues throughout. Speaking of movie marathons, I was the guy who saw all three Nolan Batman films in IMAX with DKR making its midnight debut. I sat in the theatre from like 5:45 PM and got out at almost 3 AM. I am the odd person who really does not like Batman Begins and I really enjoy The Dark Knight, so I did not care for two of the three. Then again I think that except for a film or two I think of Nolan similarly to Chuck’s surprising hatred of Michael Mann, although not as strong.

    I have seen some movies on the screen back to back on my own accord but only a few official movie marathons, like what I just described. I also have seen some long-ass films in a theatre and I personally did not mind it too much. I saw Lawrence of Arabia just a few months ago and it was a great experience, but I was glad there was an intermission. I also saw the first Lord of the Rings movie when some movie theatres showed the extended versions summer of ’11. I had not given a damn about any of those films before but I decided to give Fellowship a chance. The best thing I can say is that those flicks must not be for me and I never went and saw the other two. I wish there would have been an intermission for that, at least for my bladder’s sake.

    Needless to say I couldn’t care less about The Hobbit. I have head wildly different things about the 48 framerate thing; some say the first hour is oddly blurry. I do have to say the discussion concerning movie formats was rather interesting to listen to.

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