BMFcast154 – Hoarse Agent


Steele Justice (1987) is a Rambo-ish ripoff starring Martin Kove of Karate Kid fame. He’s back from ‘Nam and now they’ve killed his partner. It’s time to open up a can of whoopass and bring your pet snake.


Second half we discuss Ted, Valkyrie, J. Edgar and Chuck wraps up Lord of the Rings with Return of the King. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I haven’t seen this movie (after the review, maybe I shouldn’t) but as someone who has lived in Florida since ’04, I laughed at the Publix reference. I was also amused by how often you guys got sidetracked during the review, but considering things I imagine it’s understandable.

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane being brought up… I imagine all you guys would consider that film a 5 bagger! Me, I agree that “The Diceman” is “a little can go a long way” sort of guy, and he can be tough to take for almost 2 hours. But, the movie overall is so strange and odd and goes in weird directions, I am able to tolerate Clay and note that there are some rather bizarre setpieces (a car chase in a cemetery with limos? Sure! A gunfight on the top floor of the Capitol Records buildings? Why the hell not?) and thus I don’t hate it myself. But, no way would I ever recommend it for a review, as I imagine everyone would become Forbidden Zone angry.

  2. MusiM says:

    Fun Tolkien fact: He wrote the letter W for the Oxford dictionary one year. He was also South African.

    I love Usual Suspect but after seeing what they’ve done with super hero flicks and considering the source material for X-Men, I would argue that X2 is Singer’s only good super hero movie and even then we’re talking 3.5/5. I think the X-Men movies may have been important in bringing in the mainstream superhero films but man the X-Men source material should have the most amazing made out of them. While I would never want to see any verbatim translations by any means epic, emotional, action filled dramas should be able to easily be made from the material instead of what we got.

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