BMFcast152 – Lone Baldwin


Anonymous Rex (2004) continues Triple Rex 2: State of the Union. This time it’s a SyFy Original movie starring Sam Trammell and Daniel (the other other) Baldwin as dinosaur detectives pretending to be human. Results may vary.


Second half we feel the lost feeling of Bond Marathon being over as we just meander around talking about random movies but we still manage to make some talk out of it. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    Anonymous Rex sounds like a film I never need to see.

    Concerning the film The Beej mentioned last week-The Man With The Iron Fists-I saw that even before he recommended it. It certainly could have been better and I wish the fight scenes would have been filmed more coherently but overall it was still an entertaining time. It seemed like the movie was filmed to be campy on purpose-which was fine by me-and Russell Crowe acting like Oliver Reed was definitely the highlight.

    I have seen some of the movies mentioned in the second half of this episode. Waiting… I actually saw on the big screen. That is a pretty funny comedy; when a comedy can make me tolerate Andy Milonakis AND Dane Cook, then you know it’s good. The sequel and how some of the characters acted a total 180 from how they were in the original film just because the script said so… that sequel is a pile of crap.

    Bring It On is a lot smarter and wittier than you’d expect from some cheerleading movie. I’ve avoided the sequels as I imagine they have unintelligent and rote scripts.

    Despite having gone to high school in the late 90’s, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I watched She’s All That. Let’s just say I didn’t watch it to check out Freddie Prinze Jr. or Matthew Lillard, although it is hilarious the bad guy is Paul Walker and his acting hasn’t improved much from then until Fast Five. Despite the general conceit being laughably ridiculous-as everyone has said, Rachael looked pretty hot even before her makeover-and things being totally predictable, it is still an entertaining film and a blast to the past of the late 90’s, from the music to the fashion to the lingo.

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