BMFcast147 – Mr. Ex’s Position


Hell Spa (1992) gets reviewed because just when we thought we were out of killer spa movies, a wild one appears. Mr. Ex will make a deal of your lifetime in this straight to video (and shot on) little gem.


Second half it’s The World is Not Enough to continue Bond Marathon, plus Seven Psychopaths and more. Enjoy!


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  1. Mike Pinto says:

    He took my BEANS!!! I have tio find a way to get that line in a conversation. Great stuff guys.

  2. Chuck says:

    If your last name is actually Pinto, I think it would be super easy for you to work that line into everyday conversation…

  3. MusiM says:

    Man I wish I could make as good of puns as “Mister X-tion.” Nice one Harlo!

    I’ve decided BJ’s Bond soundtrack intro is a reverse alarm clock where he immediately goes to sleep.

    Have you guys ever seen Return of the Swamp Thing?

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