BMFcast145 – Extra Crispy


Aerobicide (1987) (also known as Killer Workout) starts October Month! It’s from our pal David A. Prior, director of Deadly Prey, and even once again stars Ted Prior. A killer is loose and there’s plenty of sweaty lady workout montages. What’s not to like?


Second half we discuss Dredd 3D and move into Pierce Brosnan Bond with Goldeneye. Plus plenty more chances for us to be goofy as we take some listener voicemail and email. Enjoy!


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  1. Chuck says:

    Holy balls that poster must be purchased.

  2. MusiM says:

    Good god it just keeps going! And its in tune enough and I’ve never heard the song before that I forget I’m listening to it.

  3. Mike Pinto says:

    Wow Tits McGee’s tits are just wow, damn shame that bikini got in the way.

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