BMFcast144 – Savage Leather


Savage Beach (1989) the next review in the line from our old pal Andy Sidaris. This one feels a bit of a misfire, but there’s still some fun to be had.


Second half we warn against P.T. Anderson’s The Master but then go all in with next movie in our Bond Marathon: License to Kill. Then we take some listener voicemails and talk a little Indiana Jones. Enjoy!




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  1. Blair Russell says:

    To talk about the past two episodes, I had never heard of Convict 762 and that is probably for the best. At least it resulted in a funny review. The Living Daylights is a movie I have a soft spot for.

    This episode, I do have the Andy Sidaris collection too but I haven’t watched any of them yet, even if I am sure I’d enjoy many of those films, and not just for all the nudity. It’s a shame this film wasn’t so good. I do not know yet if I’ll see The Master; I like some PT Anderson movies but not all. I have heard strong takes from both sides on it. Which reminds me of what people say about Dredd 3D. I know some who strongly dislike it but I thought it was a blast and worlds better than that goofy Judge Dredd movie from the 90’s.

    Licence To Kill is tremendous, a sleazy 80’s action movie that happens to have Bond, with an 80’s cast of faces you have seen in plenty of movies in that genre at the time. The ’98 Avengers, though… blah. I saw it once and I barely remember it aside from the scene everyone remembers, but what I do recall, it was atrocious.

    Sleepaway Camp, that is SUCH a sleazy and creepy flick with some bizarre things even before the ending. I don’t know if it’d make for a good BMFcast review but it is memorable and it has some nasty kills/injuries.

  2. MusiM says:

    I swear I wish I had more free time to catch up on all the Bond movies. I’m not even really a Bond fan, I mean I don’t dislike the guy or the franchise but I never go out of my way to see one.

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