BMFcast141 – Draggin’ Sound


Miami Connection (1987) is the lost film that the Internet has rediscovered. We expected Stunt Rock but with ninjas instead of wizards. What YK Kim and Dragon Sound gave us was something else entirely.


Second half we continue Bond Marathon with Octopussy (1983) and delve into a couple listener suggestions. Enjoy!


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    I managed to find a copy of this to watch (nevermind how, although it’s not hard to find) right before I finally listened to this episode. I only heard about this movie last month when I stumbled across it being discussed on a website. I saw some clips and I HAD to see it. I was glad I was able to; who knows if it’ll be shown on the big screen in Orlando, even though it makes perfect sense.

    I personally gave this 5 Jox as this was SO bad and yet SO awesome at the same time. It being set in Orlando and me recognizing some of the places at a place I’ve lived by since ’04 when I moved down here from another state… tremendous. I laughed often.

    From the girl who looks like Linda Blair and sings like Pat Benatar does a ditty about being against ninjas and loving taekwondo to a middle-aged Korean guy fighting with a Mickey & Minnie Mouse chef’s robe on… from “they don’t make buns like THAT at the bakery” while staring at girls’ asses on the beach to the horrific biker girl nudity, I dug it. Not the last part and having to see it, but the sheer fact they went there was amazing.

    I’ve only listened to the first part so far. I’ve had a way too long night as is but I had to talk about this on the night I saw the movie then heard the review.

  2. Maki Maki says:

    Believe me, we REALLY wanted to like this movie more than we did, but it broke the cardinal rule… Don’t bore us. Sadly, with so many non-plot related scenes, we got bored. Kind of the same reason Birdemic didn’t get 5 jox. Still, there’s enough crazy here to be really awesome.

  3. Blair Russell says:

    That is understandable. I still dig the film.

    I am just now catching up and finishing this episode and about to listen to the new one.

    I happen to be a guy who enjoyed Octopussy. I never thought it was that boring and while it is too jokey at times for my tastes, I happen to think it’s enjoyable. I like much of the action too, even if some parts of the story were eh to me too.

    I did enjoy the nostalgia discussion, though.

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