Street Urchins ASSEMBLE!


Due to recent economic events, we find ourselves at a crossroads… wait no that’s not it at all. Look, we the good people of BMFcast are hoping that you, the even better people of the Internet, will help us out from time to time. Our first goal is helping both Chuck and Harlo attend DragonCon in Atlanta this year so that they may meet some of you crazy kids and come back with tales of nerddom for all. Also it is coming time for hosting bills and a lot of other whiny Sally Struthers hungry kids guilt trip stuff. Look, don’t you want a chance to meet this guy?

So if you can find it in your hearts to help, no matter the amount, click the donate button over to the right. We assure you it will always go directly to bringing more to the BMFcast in some way or another. The children are our future but they’re young so they’ve got plenty of time.

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