BMFcast137 – Nigel Philcollinsworth


Sex and Fury (1973) is watched this week,occasionally against our will. We try our best to go to our happy place but this infamous standout in the Pinky Violence sub-genre doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “no.”


Second half we talk a lot of movies including The Man With the Golden Gun to continue our Bond marathon. Plus Safety Not Guaranteed, The Three StoogesIn TimeScream 4Total Recall (1990), the Lethal Weapon series and more. THAT’S A LOT OF MOVIES! Enjoy.


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  1. MusiM says:

    I’m afraid to google the term “pinky” movie. What makes a “pinky” movie?

    Because of GI Joe Retaliation I have absolutely no problem hating Channing Tatum.

  2. Blair Russell says:

    I have no idea why “pink film” (as it’s known on Wikipedia, where it explains what that Japanese trend is all about) has its title as no site I’ve come across has ever explained the term. I haven’t seen the film but I did hear about it before; it doesn’t sound like what I was expecting, so no wonder why you guys got mad at it. The idea of women getting wronged only to kick ass is pretty cool (and that’s the most basic explanation of what a pink film is); it just sounds like this missed the mark as there was hardly any ass-kickery.

    Then again I’ve heard of the late 90’s Drive even before the Ryan Gosling one came out, but I haven’t seen it yet either; I should soon as that sounds awesome.

    I also enjoy Man With The Golden Gun more than I should. There are many dumb moments, but the general story aside from the giant weapon thing is pretty cool, and I also dig the Southeast Asia setting. Setting alone can be a big thing for me in Bond films. And that Lulu song is pretty terrible; the tune Alice Cooper did that has the same title wasn’t chosen for the film as the Bond producers were squares but at least it’s on one of his albums and it’s a much better ditty.

    And of course someone on YouTube edited the car jump scene so that there’s no slide whistle. Unfortunately he did not edit out the noxious J.W. Pepper.

    On a forum or two I visit there used to be hate for Channing Tatum and his performances but I think he finally got it as many of those people now dig him for his last few roles, including Haywire, 21 Jump Street, and even Magic Mike. He used to be a charisma vacuum but maybe he’s not so bad anymore. Will he be Brad Pitt or will he be Josh Hartnett?*

    I saw Scream 4 and I thought it was alright but it could have been better. What was said about the film going real nutty at some points was true. They tried to make fun of such things as horror remakes but it was done in a real lazy and dumb fashion. Who the villain was… pretty cool, BUT the ending you see on film wasn’t the original one. It was going to be real ballsy; of course the studio shot it down.

    Scream 3 was still dumb because of a real stupid plot device but I laughed at more of the lines than I should have. The movie’s more of a comedy than anything else; blame (shock) the studios being dumb in the wake of Columbine for that.

    Total Recall is pretty great. What I’ve heard about the remake… it sounds like a total waste and it doesn’t even sound like any fun.

    There are actually some drive-ins in the central part of Florida and I’ve been to most of them. When I’ve gone the heat/humidity wasn’t so bad… it was the mosquitoes in one location… from those places I’ve seen the likes of Rambo, Grindhouse, Punisher: War Zone and the ultimate perfect double-feature of the Piranha remake and Machete. All were perfect for the setting. Recently the place closest to me got digital projection so the picture looks quite a bit better, needless to say.

    I apologize for being so wordy this time but a lot of interesting topics were broached after the disappointing film.

    * I came to the realization that Josh was the Channing Tatum of his time while watching a movie on cable called Blow Dry. It seems like he’s vanished but apparently he’s doing small films and theatre work now. Speaking of people who vanished and went into the indie world, Blow Dry also features Rachael Leigh Cook… a 5 Jox woman, and not just in looks. Even though I’ve thought she was rather hot for a long while, just this summer I’ve finally started watching some of her films. A few were rather shitty, but others were fine… and she’s always looked more than fine. I even mentioned to Ms. Cook on Twitter I surprisingly have now started watching her films, she responded and said she was flattered.

  3. Adam T says:

    The naked sword fight scene IS on youtube now.

  4. Sunny California says:

    listener should skip to about 40 mins to avoid suffering and get straight to fun talk about Bond 😀

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